Getting Older

Getting Older
Just a few months ago, I celebrated my twenty-second birthday. I couldn’t help but realize how  strange it was- feeling like it was just yesterday that I was sixteen and a junior in high school dreaming of college and the places after that. Now, if only I was sixteen again and wasn’t worrying about  getting older and trying to get most out of life as possible.
On my birthday, people kept asking me the typical “do you feel older” question. I just laughed it off, as does anyone who doesn’t really know the best way to answer a question, But no. I didn’t feel older. I don’t think anyone ever physically feels older on their birthday…except for maybe for the twenty-first birthday when you can legally do more, but for twenty-two, no. It is just as pointless as twenty was. But, one thing I did realize: although I did not feel older, I came to the mental realization that I am getting older. It is a completely different feeling and brings on a completely different set of emotions, and possibly a few “quarter-life” crises.
I am getting older and life around me is making even more aware of that. Going back to the time of my birthday, graduation was growing near, I was packing up my student apartment, and watching my younger friends pick out their class schedules for the next year. I was officially getting into that “real-world” adulthood phase that was always looming around the corner and now it has finally crept up on me. It all seems so final.
Life during college seems to go by SO much faster than my high-school years and I feel that these quick years will become the norm. With everyday being close to a cycle and planning dates throughout the next year in my planner, it is no wonder how people get into this never-ending cycle in life and before we know it 2015 will be here in a blink of an eye.
So, with everything I have just typed out for the world to see, I am making a pact: a goal to treat everyday as bringing me something new, to pay attention to the small things throughout my day that I might not have noticed before, to wake up positively, to do my best to try new things, make spontaneous decisions, and to, overall, find my passions in life and pursue them. Because after college, there is no longer that sense of “I can do everything and try everything because I am a student taking classes with no rent, real responsibilities, or anything holding me down”. Life suddenly gets real.

Have You Met Josh?

A few months ago, I had the absolute amazing experience watching Josh Radnor speak at my university. Most of you might be saying, “Who is Josh Radnor?”. Maybe I should have said Ted Mosby? Yes, Josh Radnor is the imfamous Ted from the hit show, How I Met Your Mother. While that is his most recognizable role, that is certainly not all he should, and will, be known for.

He wasn’t a child actor and he didn’t grow up with famous parents or family members. He was just a kid from Ohio who had a passion for theatre. And it was a passion he wasn’t afraid to pursue, especially with a track record of a family that firmly stood on real jobs…and acting definitely didn’t make the cut for them.

While waiting in the insanely long line, I didn’t really know what to expect. My friends and I wondered would if he would be funny, if he was a jerk, or if would he just do jokes and, more frankly,  was he more ted than josh? These questions were put to rest from sheer moments after we all sat down, because what I experienced for the next 2 and a half hours was a real man. One that seemed unfazed by his cult following and was given the amazing opportunities to pursue his passion, make money from his passion, and ultimately be successful through his passion. He is able to travel, likes to explore untapped music, and read on his off time. And some of you may not know, but he has directed – and stared in – two movies (which are both on my queue to watch next) which give meaning and realization for life… Think “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” type of movie. Bonus: he was actually funny!

I was truly floored by how “normal’ he seemed. Josh really just wanted to have a discussion with us and talk about his experience and how we could learn from what he’s done. He spoke of living in the now and taking dream out of our vocabulary because that would mean what ever we were “dreaming” about was too far away for grasp and we need to use more active vocabulary to explain our pursuing actions. We need to give out to the world positive vibes and focus on the good things we have; not hold negative thoughts, people or media in our grasp. His words inspired me to find my passion and then pursue it wholeheartedly.

So, if you ever have the chance to see Josh Radnor speak live, do your life a favor and go. You will truly be inspired.