Exploring my new city: St. Louis

Exploring my new city: St. Louis

After driving 17-hours straight from Orlando to St. Louis, we arrived. We settled into our temporary hotel-home and Vishal prepared for his first day of work. I began the apartment search, something I urge you all to secure BEFORE you move, and explored my new city.

I am still so impressed by everything St. Louis offers. There are so many (free) things to do and all within a 5-minute walk to 15-minute drive. I live downtown and I am literally steps from the Edward Jones Dome, where the Rams play, a few blocks from Ballpark Village (which is amazing!) and Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals play. I can walk to a multitude of restaurants and bars all around me, including my favorites: Pi Pizzeria, Rooster, Sauce on the Side, and Bridges Tap House and Wine Bar. The unbelievably expansive Forest Park is a short 10 minute drive and offers golf courses, one of the best (and free) zoos in the country, museums, boat rentals, and so much more. St. Louis is also home to Anheuser Busch, a full production factory that offers free daily tours, beer school, a chance to see their Clydesdales and  Biergarten. Truly awesome. I’ve done it all over five times already. A bit out of the city limits, but well worth the drive, is Lone Elk Park. It is a drive along trail where you find bison and elk roaming the grounds. Pack a picnic to eat by the lake and be sure to bring a camera for awesome close-up shots!

St. Louis really is an awesome place to visit and live. I’ve become a cardinals fan, took the journey to the top of the Arch, and eaten some AMAZING food. This is a place you must experience and try out some of the places I’ve pointed out if you find yourself in this wonderful city.

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Pictures and info captions below! I was even able to sneak in a piece of famous, St. Louis gooey butter cake and a few shots of Simba 🙂

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

In one of my last senior leadership classes, we discussed Maslow’s Heirarcy of Needs and its application in the workplace as well as in our daily lives. Maslow developed this model to understand what motivates people. One of the questions we had to answer was which two of the five needs are the most prominent for us at the current time. There are five different needs: Self-Actualization, Self-Esteem, Belonging, Safety, and Physiological.
After much thought and reflection, I realized my two most prominent motivational needs at the current time were belonging and love. With graduation right around the corner at that time and so many possibilities at my footsteps, I felt a lot of upheaval in my life due to the unknown after. More than ever, I had been relying on that feeling of belonging in my personal and work life to maintain some balance. Feeling of belonging is important, because one will want to feel that they have a safe and secure place, whether it is in the workplace or in their personal lives, as well as the reassurance that they are wanted. If there is no feeling of belonging, one might feel outcasted or not welcome, which is never good. Second, love has been important to me because one always wants the secure feeling of having someone always there for you, whether in a time of need or just for fun. With that same feeling of upheaval, it was now more than ever, important to me to feel loved and supported by friends and family. Graduation meant leaving the safety-net that is college and going into the real world, which -you could imagine- is a big transition.
It is a very exciting time, but it’s also been a time for me to reflect on my years in college and realize everything I am leaving behind.  To be fully responsible for ones’ self after living a mostly carefree life is truly and utterly scary. It means leaving one frame of mind that is familiar and known for the unknown and strange. But, I guess this is what I and the rest of my graduating class had been preparing for the last four years?