Engagement Story & Pictures!

June marks six months since Vishal popped the question and to commemorate the milestone, I’m sharing the story and pictures from the day he proposed!

On the spur of the moment in May, Vishal and I booked a ten-day trip throughout Japan and Cambodia. It was a couple months before while we we’re planning all the details when he asked if I’d be interested in a guided photography tour for one of the days we were going to be in Cambodia. I thought it was a wonderful idea, so Vishal said he would get it all set up. We left for our trip on December 8th and, after spending the five days traveling throughout Japan, we arrived in Cambodia for the second half of our trip! It was the day of our photography tour and our guide, Chris, met us at 4 AM to start our tour with the famous sunrise at Angkor Wat. We spent the whole day visiting all the temples and ruins, learning photography tips, and taking pictures along the way. As we were nearing the end of our photography tour through the temples of Angkor, our guide, Chris, took us to one last temple for a few more shots. It was a beautiful site in the middle of the jungle with no one else around. We climbed to the top of the temple and as I was looking around to plan our next shot, Vishal said he had a question to ask me. Unsuspectingly, I turned around and Vishal got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After lots of hugging, kissing, and maybe just a few happy tears, we ended the day with a champagne toast celebration on a private river cruise into the sunset!



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