Priority Pass: How to Make Traveling Easier & More Enjoyable

This little black card will make your experience traveling SO much more enjoyable!

It is called Priority Pass and they provide access to over 1000 lounges worldwide while you’re traveling!

Our layover in Istanbul was pretty long, but Priority Pass makes traveling easier and more enjoyable by giving us access to airport lounges during our layovers to relax with food, drinks and even freshen up with a shower in-between flights! We also like to arrive to the airport a little earlier than usual to relax and enjoy ourselves with some food and drinks before the flight. This way, Priority Pass makes the vacation start as soon as we get to the airport 🙂

Vishal and I have been using the Priority Pass for about a year now and it has really made the difference in limiting the stress traveling can bring on. We’ve been able to use it during our trips to Orlando, Jamaica, Japan, Cambodia, Mexico, and India and I cannot imagine traveling without it now!


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