Hey, where’d you get that…?

Picture this: You’re walking down the street and see someone wearing something that you just absolutely love. An internal struggle commences on wether to walk up to her and ask where she got it. You think to your self, but isn’t that weird? You go on to saying you don’t need it; you did just buy that couldn’t-live-without pair of shoes, after all. But, then decide you have to have it and you’re going to be that girl and go up and ask her where she got it, all while complimenting her style to make the request flow a little easier. You turn around to catch up to her and ask, but too late. She’s gone and so is the hope of finding whatever it is she was wearing.

This is my life on a weekly basis. Chalk it up to my poor-spending habits or a little too much use of the retail-therapy excuse, but there is something about clothes/accessories/makeup/whatever that has me hooked and I am always that girl who asks random people where they got their stuff from.

Here’s a few problems I’ve found with that scenario: sometimes people forgot where they got it or they got it like two years ago (good luck to you on trying to find it) or they’re gone before you even have time to ask. Oh poo.

But, wait! There’s hope!

The (MEGA) genius solution: Style Thief.

Style Thief is the twenty-first century solution to finding other peoples’ style must-haves. This handy-dandy app I found on the iPhone App Store lets you search for coveted fashion apparel you see on the street, TV, internet or anywhere else! You have two ways to search: take a picture of the items and upload it or just type in a description of what you’re looking for in the search bar and poof, you have multiple choices that you can buy instantly.

I have never heard of an app like this before and pretty sure this is, currently, the only one out there. I have had it on my phone now for about two weeks and it is AWESOME! I have been looking for a olive, utility styled jacket ever since I saw Chloe Bennets’ character, Skye, wear it on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for months and with this app, I just uploaded a photo of her and there were all of the choices I could ever want. All in under a minute.

So, thank you, Style Thief, for facilitating more beautiful additions to my closet!

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